Courses I've taught or assisted in teaching.

ME 402 - Design of Thermal Systems Design of Thermal Systems

Though, it’s been a while since I’ve worked with heat transfer or thermodynamics, I was assigned this course as a resident “python expert,” to teach the unfamiliar students with python, and manage script submissions and testing.

ME 360 - Signal Processing

Fundamentals of Signal Processing, Instrumentation and Control. Basic electromechanical techniques used in modern instrumentation and control systems. Use of transducers and actuators. Signal conditioning, grounding, and shielding. Analog and digital signal processing and feedback control methods with emphasis on frequency domain techniques. Frequency response of continuous and discrete systems.

I helped change the curriculum when campus was closed during COVID-19, to be suitable for remote study. It consisted of developing simulators to synthesithe signals students would osberve in the lab.

ME 270 - Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

This course is an introduction to DFM methodologies and tools; material selection (new and traditional materials); designing for primary manufacturing processes (cutting fundamentals, casting, forming, and shaping); designing with plastics (snap-fits, integral hinges, etc.); design for assembly (DFA); geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T).

This is a pretty fun hands-on class, where students design and CNC molds, which are then used for injection molding. They also get to design and 3D print parts, disassemble products and redesign an consumer product.

ME 371 - Mechanical Design II

This is a course that’s structured differently, from conventional courses. Students spend thier time during lectures working on solving problems to aid in their design a mini cage elevator, which is the final project. They can come with questions to the teaching staff, if they have, or work independantly within their groups.

Emphesis is on Material failure modes and machinery components, like gears, friction drives, bearings, springs, etc.. It’s exciting to see one’s knowledge coming together to develop a functioning machine, while developing as an engineer.