Abdulrahman E. Alkurdi

PhD Candidate @ University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign | Machine Learning for Real-World Applications


LuMEB 2204

1206 West Green Street

Urbana, IL, 61801

With over 12 years of work experience, I am a passionate and driven researcher and engineer with a focus on applying machine learning and bioinformatics to solve real-world problems. My mission is to leverage my expertise in aerospace, mechanical, and biomedical engineering to create innovative and impactful solutions that can improve human health and well-being. I am currently a researcher and PhD candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I co-lead a project on remote anxiety detection using multimodal wearable sensors.

In this project, I develop a real-time anxiety detection machine learning system that is robust to real-world deployment. I study and resolve noise-related detection performance degradation through signal processing denoising techniques and robust model design. I also generate synthetic datasets to simulate real-world data and explore and deploy feature-based and end-to-end deep learning models. I have published and presented my work in a peer-reviewed conference and contributed to the advancement of knowledge and practice in this emerging field. I have also acquired skills in applied machine learning, algorithms, and bioinformatics, which I use to enhance my research and engineering capabilities.

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